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  • Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Chili Sauce Packets

  • "A gift from the heavens that lets you bring Sriracha with you literally EVERYWHERE you go."
    "Gone are the days when your late-night slice of pepperoni pizza had to go undressed."
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  • "We're totally aware that the 2014 Nobel prizes have all been doled out, but is it too late to add one more to the list of honorees? In fact, the geniuses behind the Sriracha 2 Go keychain should win all the awards, ever."
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  • "A Sriracha bottle key chain called Sriracha2Go could be the answer to having a little of your favorite hot sauce on hand, at all times."
    -LA Times
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  • "You can now take your Sriracha 2 Go, meaning no corner of this sad, bland world will be safe from this capstone of condiments."
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