Sriracha2Go - About Us | Sriracha2Go

We don’t just like spice. We live it.

We’re inspired by risk-takers and trailblazers. We’re fueled by unexpected flavors, dynamic people and one-of-a-kind experiences. We’re curious adventure-seekers with a passion for fiery foods and fun excursions.

Sriracha is, and always has been, our spice of choice.

It was our passion for Sriracha, and the pain of its inconsistent on-the-go accessibility, that ignited the birth Sriracha2Go.

“I wish I had Sriracha right now,” was an all-too-familiar pain point. The solution seemed simple, and yet it didn’t exist.

After enduring one-too-many sriracha-less meals, we vowed to solve the problem, for ourselves and for sriracha-lovers worldwide, once and for all. It became our mission to help others live their spiciest lives.

We created the very first, and only Huy Fong Foods licensed Sriracha keychain to enable and empower others to bring the sriracha anywhere and everywhere! Within a year of launch we partnered with entrepreneur Mark Cuban to support us on our quest to make the world a spicier place.

Life is too short to be bland, boring and tasteless.

Keep it spicy.