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29 Signs That Prove Sriracha is Your Life

29 Signs That Prove Sriracha is Your Life

29 Signs That Prove Sriracha is Your Life

Leap Day (Feb. 29th) only comes once every 4 years, basically. To celebrate, check out this list of 29 signs that validate your Sriracha obsession. 

How many are true for you? 

1. You can't go 1 meal without Sriracha. You eat it with literally everything.



2. That Spicy Lifestyle is so ingrained into your soul, it's an accessory.

Car keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Sriracha2Go Keychain? Check (and one in the car as a backup...you know, just to be safe). You'd never travel to a restaurant without it! Carry that keychain proudly, friends.


3. You named your cat (or pet) Sriracha

Cat: "Just what that hell do you think you're doing, human? I am NOT amused!"
Seriously. This cat's name is Sriracha. Look at her #cattitude.
Follow her on Instagram @acatnamedsriracha

4. You do this. (Gotta keep those precious bottles safe at all times! Repeat: AT. ALL. TIMES.)

 Yes, we take safety very seriously around here. Via: @mindyleetiu on IG


5. The Huy Fong Factory Tour is Your Version of a Theme Park...

Who needs a mouse? Give us the rooster. This is where the MAGIC happens!


6. You can never have enough... 136 oz jug, anyone?

That'll last a week...

7. It's your fashion statement

This Sriracha Pin is an outward expression of how I constantly feel on the inside.


8. It's Wall Art (SrirachArt) 

Hey, honey? The new wall decor is up! Via: @francoisvera on IG


9. We don't even have to explain this one. Well...

Ass currently on fire, BRB.... Or as the British would say. Arse.
Also, this is what happens when you really do name your cat Sriracha.
If you didn't laugh at any of this....are you ok?


10. You have separation anxiety if you run out...


We absolutely must order more Sriracha now!



11. You can't eat pizza without Sriracha

Ok, thanks for the pizza. But where's the Sriracha? Um, waiter? *Searches dramatically* Lucky me, I remembered my Sriracha2Go Keychain!



12. The minute you get your paycheck, you're already buying more Sriracha.

Good life choices.


13. You have a stash of these bad boyz in your car, your desk, backpack, and yes, even in your secret vault. Look at us, we spelled boys with a "z". Bad-azz.

 Please! Don't act like you don't have a stash of Sriracha packets in a secret underground vault just in case a Zombie Apocalypse hits...or when you want to eat tacos at 3AM while listening to your favorite music and no one can disturb you. Actually, that sounds amazing. The music and tacos part. Not the Zombies.


14. The Rooster is your spirit animal


David Tran was born in the year of the rooster. Boom! Rooster on Sriracha bottles.

We see what you did there.


15. When you look at a map but actually see this. But really though, Huy Fong Foods is in Cali, so Cali is just one giant chili pepper, too. 

The world is your oyster, embrace it? Nah. The world is your chili pepper, eat it. 


 16. You just can't stop thinking and dreaming about Sriracha...and food.


17. You dress like a Sriracha bottle 24/7


You really are what you eat! Via: @drmofitness on IG


18. You feel alienated when you're the only person at the table who loves Sriracha. #findbetterfriends

Get it, ALIENated? Wow, okay. We're terrible.

Via: JP Cordero @the_beach_hut on IG


19. This GIF is literally you at every meal & snack

Can't stop watching.


20. You can't live without it

Me & Sriracha. All day, every day! Sriracha = Life!

21. Fire is your heart's desire. Spicy cravings!

Wow so spicy! It's okay to give in to those spicy cravings. Healthy, actually. Promise.


 22. You wouldn't dare travel without it

Sun. Sand. Sea....& Spicy!

23. This photo gives you all the feels

Finally, a Sriracha bottle that's *ME* sized. Bring it on, baby! Via: @bj_schultz on IG

24. You & Sriracha = ultimate #RelationshipGoals 

This meme speaks so much truth to our souls. Via: @therealrikkid on IG

25. This is your life's acronym. T.G.I.(h) F.

High standards. You will definitely not accept any other crappy off brand. 


26. This text convo has happened at least once in your life. 

Hey they just weren't "The One". #screenshots or it didn't happen.


27. You think things like, "Why can't they just hook up the Sriracha conveyor belt underground and deliver these directly to my house?" Fresh Sriracha off the assembly line!

Amazon Prime, it looks like you've got some competition.


 28. You never waste anything related to Huy Fong 

This recycled Sriracha bottle was once a former vessel that contained the best Sriracha on the planet. Now I'm reusing this bottle to save the planet.

Via: @laura_montithedog on IG


29. Ahhhh, Yes. That spicy feeling. 

More! More! MOREEEEE! #srirachaobsessed #favoritecondiment
We can never have enough. Sweet, I'm breathing FIRE. Pronounced FY-YA!



 Blog post created by: Lauren Wransky

Main Cover Photo: Wade Kirk 

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