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NEW Sriracha Bicycle Jerseys!

NEW Sriracha Bicycle Jerseys!


"Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving." ~Albert Einstein~

How many of you have made it a New Year's Resolution to exercise? (Some of you may have the resolution of always ordering extra fries, are we right? *wink, wink*). Well, for those of you who love to bike and work out or just want show off your love of Sriracha, we've partnered with hardcore cyclist and sports apparel designer Chris Chapman, owner of It's In My Heart in Portland Oregon to feature his Sriracha Jerseys. If you'd like to learn more about Chris and his business, check out this article.

Here's Chris at one of his cycling events. Keep It Spicy!

If a hardcore cyclist designed these bad boys, you know he's thought of everything a cyclist would dream of in a jersey for maximum comfort, happiness, and cycling performance. It's his passion and his soul, so you know you'll LOVE your new jersey. But he made these jerseys for the "Average Joes". Remember the 5 D's of Dodgeball? Funny movie. Well, there's the 5 C's of Cycling: Cycling, Carbs, Champions, Cadence...and Carbs. Ha, we just made that up! But guess what? We're currently selling these jerseys NOW on our site. Check them out here or read below for more deets. 

Hey, would you look at that? Exercise and extra fries (with Sriracha)! :) Now that's a WIN-WIN.

Whether you mountain bike, cyclo-cross, road, short-track, casually pedal (to the store to get more Sriracha of course!) or stationary bike (hey you still have windows where people might see you, right? Right!), these Sriracha Jerseys will definitely make you look HOTTER.

"Hey, who's that spicy hot cycling babe? They are SOOO spicy and sexy! Is that a HUY FONG SRIRACHA JERSEY?" onlookers will say in awe as you speed by on your bike wearing your new Sriracha jersey. Why, yes, yes I am spicy and sexy. And yes, yes it IS a Huy Fong Sriracha Jersey. You will think to yourself....out loud. #noshamegame

"Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live." ~Mark Twain~


If you LOVE Sriracha and love to cycle, these Sriracha Jerseys are for you. Or it's the perfect gift. Spring and summer are coming soon....we hope. Unless you currently live in Florida or somewhere warm then we're kinda jelly.

The jerseys come in both Men and Women's sizing and are made with your ultimate cycling comfort in mind.

Here's some design highlights: 

  • Made from high-quality moisture-wicking four-way stretch fabric
  • Club Cut
  • Full Front Hidden Zipper
  • 3-back (Bar-Tacked) Pockets
  • Silicon Gripper on Bottom Hem
  • Men's Jersey is short-sleeved
  • Women's Jersey is sleeveless
  • Women's Sizes XS-2XL
  • Men's Sizes SM-4XL
  • Bright colors that are cool and comfortable with a HOT design
  • Goodbye boring Jerseys! Show your LOVE of Sriracha to the world







 All Photography Credit: Bob Huff. Check out his page here. @huffy808foto on Instagram
Blog Post By: Lauren Wransky

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