5 Fun (His Or Her) Valentine's Day Gifts For Under $20

5 Fun (His Or Her) Valentine's Day Gifts For Under $20

5 Fun (His Or Her) Valentine's Day Gifts For Under $20

Valentine's day always seems to sneak up on us, and here it comes again. Your love should fill your heart, not empty your bank account. I’ve got 5 nifty gift ideas that he or she will love, and best of all, it won’t force you to get a title loan! 

  1. Games for Couples

It might sound lame but there are some seriously fun card games out there. The hugely popular Cards Against Humanity is proof of that. Although, there’s another side out there, one of a more romantic nature. 

What’s more romantic than playing a card game by candlelight? Nothing, obviously. 

There’s something out there for every relationship level. Ice breaking conversation games and more risqué games for couples trying to spice up their relationship.

 With so many options out there, you’re sure to find the perfect game to delight you both.


  1. Sriracha Sriracha Sriracha!

If you really want to spice things up, buy your loved one something Sriracha related! There’s probably no hotter gift than our 'Sriracha For You' bundle. It’s essential for those saucy addicts out there who need to keep their heat on hand. It comes with not one but two refillable mini keychains, so your love can feel the heat of your passion wherever they go.  Honestly though – you could swipe the second one for yourself, we won’t tell.

If a little bit of Sriracha isn’t enough, get them this HUGE 20oz  mug they can fill with it! That’s sure to put fire in their heart – and their belly.


  1. Shot / Chaser Cup

If drinking is more their style, this is a gadget they’ll totally dig.

This nifty little glass lets you take a shot effortlessly followed by your chaser. Long gone will be that cringe as you shift from shot glass to chaser. Do it all in one seamless motion and drink the night away with the person you love most.

Even if they claim they don’t need a chaser, they’ll appreciate this awesome gift.


  1. Blue Tooth Beanie

What’s not to love about a beanie? They look good on everyone and they’re super cozy. There’s not much to be improved on – or is there? 

These awesome beanies of the future have Bluetooth! Let your boo listen to their favorite beats everywhere and answer their phone on the go.  Their ears will be warmed by your love, isn’t that romantic?


  1. Drone

We’re all kids at heart and didn’t we all love remote controlled cars? Welcome to the future, drones are the remote controlled toys of today.

What’s more romantic than bringing a glimmer of childhood wonder to the person you love most?

There are some awesome little drones on the market for under $20 – they’re a ton of fun for all ages, especially adults trying to recapture a glimpse of their childhood. Let’s face it, weren’t you always a little disappointed if your gift wasn’t a toy?


Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be fun! Spend time instead of money on your honey.




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