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5 Spicy Food Hacks on a Budget

5 Spicy Food Hacks on a Budget

“Make a rich man's sauce at a poor man's price.”
- David Tran

Have you ever been eating something and thought to yourself – this could really use something more, but you’re broke? We’ve all been there, right? Good news - you don't need to be rich to live the spicy life. Let us show you some simple ways to spice things up!

1. Sriracha Mayo

Because – mayo is a little mind-numbingly plain – this is a way to spice it up and bring a little flavor to your life and bring some dimension to more of your meals. Let’s face it – this is something you could use just about every day, you need it in your life.

  • 1 Tablespoon Sriracha
  • 3 Tablespoons of Mayo

Or you know – a whole ton of Sriracha and a dash of mayo – that’s cool too, as long as you like it! This could totally add the extra kick you needed to many dishes, burgers to bologna. Mmmmmm, Bologna.

2. Sriracha Brine

I love to brine my chicken – nothing in the world is like brined chicken. It breaks everything down in the meat and it’s so super extra juicy. Although it seems hard to improve on your basic brine (I like pickle juice myself), it’s possible.

You guessed it – throw some Sriracha into the mix! A little pickle juice and a lot of Sriracha will give you moist delicious spicy chicken – for drumsticks that’ll literally kick you in the mouth!

3. Sriracha Mac N Cheese

Take that blue box out of the cupboard – yeah, I know it’s there – giving you that cheesy blue box grin. Follow the directions – and add a whole heaping helping of sriracha straight into it while you’re mixing in your delicious dehydrated cheese powder.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can make your own home-made mac n cheese – or if you’re feeling lazy you can take that blue boxed pot of gold and dump it into a baking pan – toss on some breadcrumbs to top it off and call it home made!

4. Smoked Clams

Some people might find them gross, but I seriously love smoked clams and oysters out of the can. They’re delicious little morsels especially when paired with some extra sharp cheddar and tortilla chips – although a dash, splash or trough of sriracha to top them off rockets them into a whole new realm of Seafoody, Smokey, Spicy deliciousness that I can never get enough of.

If you’re not opposed to the little chewy suckers I highly recommend this snack if you haven’t already. It’ll quickly climb to the top of your list of favorites if you give it a chance.

5. Cup of Noodles

This isn’t a secret to many, but if you’re dining on a budget and 99% of your meals consist of noodles in a cup or bowl – this is a hack worth knowing. Sriracha is sure to help you spice up that ramen! I prefer it in chicken myself but it’s great in beef and shrimp too, it’s almost like enjoying fine dining on a budget – if you close your eyes and focus real hard, you can almost taste the culture in it!

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