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5 Unique (and affordable!) Wedding Favors!

5 Unique (and affordable!) Wedding Favors!

It’s wedding season, which means you may be attending quite a few weddings, or may even be getting married yourself. Weddings usually come with some sort of wedding party favor that guests can take home with them. But, let’s be honest, many of these favors aren’t anything you would really hold onto. They may be a box of customized chocolates or a candle that you may toss into your bag and forget about after the wedding is done.

Most are just pretty standard and typical and don’t spark too much excitement among guests.

If you’re looking for some unique and awesome wedding favors that your guests will rave about long after your wedding is over, then read on. We are sharing our top five unique wedding favors to kickstart wedding season this year that aren’t totally typical and boring. 


#1 Sriracha2Go: What better way to show your wedding guests some love than by gifting them a customized Sriracha2Go bottle? Create a customized bottle just for your wedding that your guests can hold onto and remember just how awesome your wedding was every time they squeezed some Sriracha onto their food. Plus, it makes a super practical gift that your guests can use long term. Click here to learn more about the customization options we offer.


#2 OnMyWhey: This is the ideal wedding favor for the fitness and health nuts out there. Give your guests the gift of a portable bottle keychain that they can carry their protein powder or supplements in on the go. Your guests will love being able to clip their OnMyWhey supplement keychain onto their gym bag and funnel their favorite protein powder or pre-workout right into their water bottle. Or, the momma guests at your wedding will love being able to pack baby formula and toss their OnMyWhey portable funnel keychain right into their diaper bag. You really can’t go wrong with giving this convenient, portable, and multi-purpose gift to your wedding guests.  Click here to learn more about the OnMyWhey keychain.


#3 Customized Tea Towel: While it may sound like a super simple wedding favor, customized tea towels are an inexpensive, super cute, and a super useful wedding favor idea. You can customize it to include your wedding date or even your wedding hashtag (if you’re into the whole Instagram thing.) Or, make it something not specific to your wedding and add a romantic quote instead.


#4 Cocktail Shaker: Instead of giving a mini champagne bottle or a mini bottle of wine, why not get a little fancy and gift an awesome cocktail shaker? This is something your guests can hold onto for years to come. Dress up a basic stainless steel cocktail shaker with a cute customized tag of some sort with your wedding details and a fancy ribbon. This will be something your guests will definitely be excited about.


#5 Holiday-Inspired: Getting married around a holiday? Why not make your wedding favor holiday-inspired? A custom ornament or a mini pumpkin with a thank you note attached to it, or even a homemade gingerbread or pumpkin pie spice mix can make a perfect thank you gift and party favor your guests can bring home to use as decoration for the holiday season.


Make Your Wedding Favors Make a Lasting Impression

Ditch the standard customized mini wine bottle or box of custom chocolates. Make your wedding favors unique by giving your guests something they can actually use and won’t end up collecting dust! Plus, none of these options are crazy expensive, and at least one of these wedding favors will fit within just about any wedding budget.


Happy wedding favor shopping!

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