6 (Maybe Useless) But Interesting Facts About Sriracha

6 (Maybe Useless) But Interesting Facts About Sriracha

6 (Maybe Useless) But Interesting Facts About Sriracha

When you think Sriracha, you think hot sauce. It has that sweet, hot, sour mix going on that kicks your taste buds into overdrive. If you had to sum up Sriracha sauce in just two words, they would have to be “absolutely delicious.” Every product around the world has some sort of story or gangly skeletons in their closet and Sriracha is no different. Did you know, there are actually a lot of facts and information about Sriracha that you’re most likely not aware of?

Just That Fact’s Ma’am

Sriracha2Go has partnered up with the ol’ knowledgeable one to bring you 6 interesting facts about Sriracha sauce and some pretty useless, but fun and informative ones. They might come in handy at some point, like during trivia night at your favorite sports bar. You could be crowned the King (or Queen) of Sriracha!

Take a peek inside the Huy Fong Food Markets with us and you will see all that there is to see about this delicious, timeless, mouthwatering, good-on-everything, must-have,… well you get the picture, sauce.

  1. Huy Fong Foods doesn’t just make the sauce, but they make the bottles that the sauce comes in. They are so serious about their Sriracha sauce that they produce about 18,000 bottles of the stuff an hour! Holy hot sauce Taco-Man!
  2. The first bottles of Sriracha sauce were made in 1980. David Tran, the owner, had spoon filled the glass bottles with his sauce and then personally hand delivered each one in Chinatown out of his van. Imagine the number of miles he put on that poor van!  
  3. Huy Fong Foods isn't just home to the famous Sriracha sauce, but they also make sambal oelek sauce and chili garlic sauce. These three are all made with the same chilies, just prepared a bit differently. Taste the heat, the zest or the sweet flavors.
  4. The original Sriracha sauce (yes, this isn’t the original) was said to be invented in Sri Racha, Thailand by a woman. Her name was Thanom Chakkapak and you can still purchase her recipe under the name Sriraja Panich. It is a thinner, even sweeter version of the one we know and love. Sometimes, the sequel is better than the original!
  5. Huy Fong Foods does not advertise or market their sauce. Yet, their revenue and sales have increased by 20% each year. Those little birdies that love the sauce are hard at work spreading the delicious word to others.
  6. Huy Fong Foods is going to kick things up a notch dare the competition to keep up. They’re releasing a gallon sized bottle of hot sauce. That is not a typo - we did indeed say gallon. No more late-night runs to find Sriracha sauce just make that leftover Chinese food taste fresh again.

A Little Bit o’ Useless But We Did Say Interesting…

What’s up with the rooster on the front of the bottle? Is it a Chinese thing? Does the sauce wake you up by cocka-doodle-dooing? Tran, the maker of the sauce, was born in the Chinese year of the rooster, so they slapped it on the front of the bottle and called it a day.

There’s actually a woman in Brooklyn that sells her own hipster version of Sriracha in small, small bottles for $14 a piece! I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. Maybe she is counting on Huy Fong Foods running out? Yet when they make 18,000 bottles a day and are about to release gallon sized bottles, I’d say the odds of that are slim to none now!

If you didn’t want Sriracha before reading this, we are pretty sure you’re going to want a bit of the sauce now. Go grab that burrito, throw some sauce on it and get your snack on. What? You don’t have Sriracha in your cupboard? Shame on you! I guess you better go buy yourself a bottle. Lucky for you that we’re a top provider of quality Sriracha sauce. So what are you waiting for?

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