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5 Sriracha Comfort Foods To Warm You Up This Winter

5 Sriracha Comfort Foods To Warm You Up This Winter

5 Sriracha Comfort Foods To Warm You Up This Winter

It's winter and we're officially COLD. So, of course our first post of 2020 had to be HOT. Who doesn't love some good old fashioned comfort foods to keep us all warm and cozy? We wanted to share these 5 delicious Sriracha comfort food recipes so that you can start 2020 feeling spicy hot! These are the types of recipes that you can make on a busy weeknight or on a weekend when you just want to eat your favorite foods, hibernate under a blanket, and chill. Which Sriracha comfort food recipe is your favorite? We think they're all pretty amazing.

Cooking is a great winter bonding activity with your S.O. And if you're single? More food & Sriracha for you, baby. More food & Sriracha for you. 

Honey Sriracha Chicken Noodle Bowl

We hope you're staying happy and healthy during this flu season. If you're feeling great or even a little under the weather, this Honey Sriracha Chicken Noodle Bowl via Carlsbad Cravings is just the lite bite for you. The Honey Sriracha sauce is a real sweet and spicy treat. If you're ready for a dish loaded with noodles, chicken, veggies, honey, and Sriracha, head over to Carlsbad Cravings to get the recipe. And seriously a HUGE THANK YOU to Jennifer Sattley at Carlsbad Cravings for allowing us to use her gorgeous photo of her delicious Honey Sriracha Chicken Noodle Bowl recipe. Just look at how AMAZING that looks! YUMMY!

 Photo Credit: Jennifer Sattley at Carlsbad Cravings. Used with Permission.

Sriracha Grilled Cheese

When we showed you this picture of Sriracha Grilled Cheese on Instagram by Roebling Sporting Club in NY, it was a hit! So that got us thinking...Sriracha Grilled Cheese is such a genius idea. Sometimes it really is the simple things in life, my friends.


This is a random internet stock photo. C'mon! You people could've put WAAAYYYYYYY more cheese on that bad boy.....

For a quick recipe, (It's Grilled Cheese....anybody can do this):

  • Take your favorite bread and cheese
  • Stare at cheese and think about how glorious cheese is for 1 minute
  • Add desired amounts of cheese to bread (cheddar, gouda, swiss, smoked cheddar, pepperjack, colby...whatever you like!)
  • Squirt a lil (ok, a lot of) Huy Fong Sriracha on the cheese so it will melt in
  • Think about how amazing your life is with Huy Fong Sriracha for 2 minutes 
  • Cook grilled cheese the way you normally would to your desired crunchiness and voila! 
  • Add a dipping cup of Sriracha on the side
  • Don't forget the pickles, olives and tomato soup! Chips anyone? French Fries?

For ingredient inspiration, we're totally in love with The Bedford's Sriracha Grilled Cheese (NY State Cheddar, oregano, & Sriracha on Sourdough). By the way that's not a recipe, (it's a link to best Grilled Cheeses in NY restaurants and The Bedford's Sriracha Grilled Cheese is #3). But we just thought their idea of Sourdough bread with Sriracha and cheddar cheese sounded like a winning combination. If you're in NY, you're lucky. Go visit The Bedford and try it! 

And if you want a challenge for 2020, here's The Ulimate Spicy Grilled Cheese. It takes 2 jalapenos, pepperjack cheese, & Sriracha! Takes only 5 mins. Head on over to The Stay at Home Chef for the recipe.

Sriracha Guacamole

The perfect easy snack for when you're snowed in, Sriracha Guacamole (and chips and salsa) is definitely a comfort food go-to. And if you disagree, you're wrong. We absolutely love guacamole so when we found this Sriracha Guacamole recipe via Katie Workman at The Spruce Eats, we knew we had reached guacamole gold. Visit The Spruce Eats to whip up this quick 20 minute spicy snack. (Goes great with tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, and tortilla chips. Thanks, Captain Obvious.) 

What happens if you eat your weight in chips, salsa & guac? Asking for a friend....

Sweet and Smoky Sriracha Black Bean Soup

It's soup season, so what would a comfort foods list be without soup? And it had to be spicy. This Sweet and Smoky Sriracha Black Bean Soup via Karen Gibson at SoupAddict will be your new spicy soup favorite. Check it out here. Special thanks to Karen for allowing us to use her award-winning photo. Now all you need is a cold winter night, a cozy weekend getaway in a cabin, a roaring fire, and this Sriracha Bean Soup. And $10 million dollars. And 3 dogs. There we go.

Photo Credit: Sweet and Smoky Sriracha Black Bean Soup via Karen Gibson at SoupAddictUsed with Permission.

20-Minute Spicy Sriracha Ramen Noodle Soup

This budget friendly but still super delicious 20-Minute Spicy Sriracha Ramen Noodle Soup via Ashley at Baker by Nature will be what you want to make and eat all winter long. She recommends serving this soup steaming hot with cilantro, scallions, and a poached egg. We think even a hard boiled egg or deviled egg would go great with this too! And it's okay if you drizzle even more Sriracha on the soup. You're allowed. So go ahead and make your weekend plans because this 20-Minute recipe is something you can whip up on the fly. Bye bye soup from a can!

Sriracha Ramen Noodle Soup is a perfect 10/10 for 2020. See what we did there?

Happy New Year from Sriracha2Go!

2020 Here We Come! 

Blog Post by: Lauren Wransky

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