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Five Ways To Upcycle Your Empty Sriracha Bottle

Five Ways To Upcycle Your Empty Sriracha Bottle

Anyone with a serious hot sauce addiction knows the disappointing lightness of the almost-empty Huy Fong bottle, the dreaded schlurp-ing noise as you squeeze out the last drops of the good stuff and the annoyance as you watch the trash can filling with empty bottles.

It seems an absolute waste for all those Sriracha bottles just be thrown away.

Even besides the environmental impact of hundreds of plastic Sriracha bottles going into landfill (and that's just the hundreds coming out of my kitchen),  Huy Fong Sriracha bottles are actually kinda pretty.

Show your love for Sriracha by upcycling your old Huy Fong bottles into some saucy home decor pieces. See 5 of our favorite ways to reuse your bottles below:

1. Use your old Sriracha bottle as a flower vase

You can use your old Sriracha bottle to display small bunches of flowers. This would make a pretty, rustic centerpiece for the dinner table. Carefully cut off the top of your Sriracha bottle to create a vase. Remove the rough edges by either sanding down the open edge or sealing it with funky tape.

2. Use your as a planter

    Used Sriracha bottles don’t just have to hold cut flowers! By cleaning the bottle and cutting off the top, you could also make a simple planter to grow small plants and herbs. Just pack some soil into the bottom of the bottle, sprinkle over some seeds and water regularly, for your very own indoor garden.

    3. Use to decorate your food with other sauces

    Ever notice how neatly sauce pours from the nozzle of a classic Sriracha bottle? Once your bottle has been emptied and thoroughly cleaned, refill it with other foods that need the perfect drizzle. Impress guests with your culinary prowess by artfully drizzling thick sauces or dressings over anything from salads and fries, to ice-creams and desserts.

    4. Use your old Sriracha bottle as an organizer 

    The great thing about using old Sriracha bottles as organizers is that you can use any sized bottle, and cut it to the exact right height. Cut it to height and smooth out the edges, than fill it with anything that needs organizing. Pens and pencils? Hair accessories and makeup brushes? Loose change and keys? The only limit if your imagination (and your supply of empty hot sauce bottles)

    5. Use as a soap dispenser

    Pour your hand soap, shampoo or moisturizer into used (and thoroughly cleaned!) Sriracha bottles to spice up your kitchen counter or your shower room. A set of kitsch matching soap dispensers is a cheap and easy way to have your bathroom feeling like a boutique hotel.

    So now you can stop worrying about over-indulging in your favourite hot sauce. Your Sriracha addiction doesn't need to harm the planet (and you can stop getting funny looks from the neighbors when your put out your trash can full of hot sauce bottles).



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