Giveaways Every Friday in March for National Sauce Month!

Giveaways Every Friday in March for National Sauce Month!

Giveaways Every Friday in March for National Sauce Month!

March is National Sauce Month!

We love Sriracha. And we also love free stuff. And we know you love winning Sriracha and free stuff. So that's why we decided to celebrate National Sauce Month by having a giveaway each Friday in March.

All you need to do is Follow Us on Instagram @sriracha2go. Then, be on the lookout for giveaways and to find out more info for your chance to win spicy prizes. Check back each week as each giveaway is slightly different!

We can't tell you all the secrets but we will be giving away some pretty sweet stuff. And every Friday, we have teamed up with our friends at PinMart to give away some spicy swag for your bag, backpack, purse, hat, or even your clothes. It's truly...PINspirational. To be eligible to win these March giveaways, you'll also need to Follow PinMartInc on Instagram @pinmartinc!

There's no better way to honor National Sauce Month than by having giveaways to celebrate our favorite sauce, The King of Spice....Sriracha. 

Since March is all about the luck of the Irish, we wish you the best of luck in winning those prizes!

Remember this ancient Irish saying:
"May the heavens bless you with a pot of gold,
May your Sriracha bottles never run dry--
May you always be lucky to have Sriracha with you
with our convenient Sriracha2Go Keychains.
And may you always Keep it Spicy."


Isn't that a beautiful ancient Irish saying?

Yes, yes it is...beautiful.


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