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Hot Cocktail Chronicles: New Orleans

Hot Cocktail Chronicles: New Orleans

“The Big Easy Administers Yet Another Roundhouse Tongue-Kick”

We get it. Your friend Chuck is still missing from the bachelor party a few years back. And you flew home without any shoes, which actually saved time in airport security (pro tip?). The bottom line is, New Orleans doesn’t play games when it comes to delivering mind-erasers in innocent-looking, portable cups. So pop an Advil, young grasshopper, and dance your way into these hot-n-spicy cocktails upon your inevitable, regret-laden, return trip to the Crescent City.

Erin Rose  811 Conti Street, Bloody Mary

They whack a traditional, spicy Mary with Guinness, bringing a smile to that rambunctious, Irishman within us all. And they’re open 24 hours a day.

The Green Goddess  307 Exchange Place, The Santa Maria

It’s Thai chile mescal, Combier orange liqueur, lime, ginger, pomegranate liqueur, and OJ—reminding you that mimosas are for the weak.

Cure  4905 Freret Street, Irish Fig Thing

Here’s an oxymoron—a new, Old Fashioned bolstered with plenty of black pepper and ginger. It’s spicy and classy.

Brennan’s  417 Royal Street, Bloody Bull

Take the hottest Mary in town and add a shot of beef bullion to the flavor puzzle.  You’re literally grabbing the bull by the horns.

Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29  321 N Peters Street, Hawaii 504

Beachbum say’s, “Chinese five-spice suspended in honey and shaken with Virgin Islands rum and ginger.” This is arguably the most authentic Tiki bar in the United States, so your Hawaiian shirt won’t feel out of place next to this bad boy on the rocks.

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