A Look At How Sriracha Is Made From Inside The Huy Fong Factory

A Look At How Sriracha Is Made From Inside The Huy Fong Factory

A Look At How Sriracha Is Made From Inside The Huy Fong Factory

Step #1: Great Jalapeno Chilis

It doesn’t take a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef to understand that great ingredients are a prerequisite to great food. Huy Fong Foods has been buying jalepenos from Underwood Ranches for over 30 years. The relationship has become so strong that Underwood Ranches now sells their chilis exclusively to Huy Fong Foods.

Step #2: Blend Them

Huy Fong Foods trucks in fresh jalapeno chilis every fall and crushes them into a thick chili paste. Huy Fong Foods receives and blends enough chilis within a 6-week period to make enough Sriracha for the entire year. They celebrate this spicy time of the year by hosting an annual Chili Grinding Festival.

Huy Fong Jalepeno Chilis

HOT FACT: Huy Fong offers a chunky hot sauce that is the purest form of these ground jalapenos. It's called Sambal Oelek and it's delicious. Buy now!

Step #3: Add Seasonings

Once the chilis are blended, a mixture of seasonings including salt and garlic are added. The exact mixture is Huy Fong’s secret sauce to their secret sauce.

Huy Fong Foods Factory Floor Irwindale

HOT FACT: Huy Fong sells another sauce called Chili Garlic, which is similar to Sriracha but has a much thicker consistency. Buy some now!

Step #4: Bottle

The fully prepared Sriracha is then stored in 55-gallon totes until it is ready to be bottled. Because Huy Fong chilis are only harvested once per year, they need to store the majority of the sauce to supply to customers throughout the entire year. In the weeks leading up to the sauce leaving the factory walls, it's bottled into one of four different bottle sizes — 9oz, 17oz, 28oz, and 136oz.

Huy Fong Factory Irwindale

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