Sriracha2Go: McDonald's Spices It Up With Signature Sriracha Burger

McDonald's Spices Up Their Menu With The Signature Sriracha Burger

McDonald's Spices Up Their Menu With The Signature Sriracha Burger

After about 9 months of testing, McDonald’s has rolled out the Signature Sriracha nationwide. Considering our lives entire lives revolve around Sriracha, we had to visit McDonald's for the first time in 10 years to check this out. 

According to MarketWatch, McDonald’s is trying to get more millennials through their doors. What better way than to add a squirt of “hipster ketchup” to a burger and charge an extra $1, right?! Many have tried this approach. Few have succeeded. 

First things first, what is it?

  • Bun: Your choice between the iconic sesame seed bun or an artisan potato roll.
  • Greens: McDonalds’ market research shows that millennials like Kale, so that threw some of that in.
  • Toppings: Onion rings, white cheddar cheese and a tomato slice.
  • The Sauce: McDonald’s has tweaked their famous thousand island and created a spicier sriracha version. The sauce itself has the regular tangy-ness you're familiar with and a new punch of heat we’ve never tasted from McDonald's. The sauce makes this McDonald’s spiciest menu item, which is great but the problem with choosing a Sriracha-flavored item is that you have to compete with the almighty Huy Fong Foods Sriracha which, let's be honest, is impossible to top.

Signature Sriracha Burger

As spice enthusiasts, we love the direction of this spicy menu addition, but we still prefer the DIY version of adding Huy Fong Sriracha ourselves (courtesy of a Sriracha keychain, of course).

To end on a positive note for McDonald’s, we very much enjoyed French fries dipped in their Sriracha dipping sauce.

TL;DR: McDonald’s now sells a Sriracha burger. It’s not better than the DIY version. Try the fries with their Sriracha dipping sauce.

Life is short. Eat more Sriracha.

*** Update 8/25/2017 ***

If you want to try the Sriracha Mac sauce without stepping foot in a McDonald's, that will cost you $99.99.

If you’re going to sell a free to-go cup of sauce for $100, you at least have to vacuum your carpet. Come on!

Ebay McDonald's Sriracha Mac Sauce

We suggest saving your money and getting the real stuff -- Huy Fong Sriracha Packets 👌

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