2018 Top 10 Holiday Sriracha Stocking Stuffers (and all for Under $20)

2018 Top 10 Holiday Sriracha Stocking Stuffers (and all for Under $20)

2018 Top 10 Holiday Sriracha Stocking Stuffers (and all for Under $20)

Well, boys & girls…yes, it’s that time of year again and the Holidays are coming hard, fast and non-stop!

Which means there’s also gonna be Secret Santa duties, office party obligations and high-pressure family commitments as well. On, and don't forget the  long list of reciprocal gifting responsibilities for/from good friends, tight co-workers, casual acquaintances, and even the random good eggs who deliver your mail, brew your coffee, pour your drinks, park your car, and so on all the way until the end of this 2018 party.

But there’s no need to panic from the ever-increasing intensity of the big holiday push to cram all your shopping into your every waking hour.

Instead we’ve got our Top 10 Hot Holiday Sriracha Stocking Stuffers here to save your day (and save you a world of holiday headaches, all while remaining safely under budget and on time).

And c’mon…who doesn’t love Sriracha in their stockings?

So, take your hands off your credit card holsters for minute while you check Our Top 10:

1. Sriracha Coffee Mug - $16

An office winner for your fave co-worker, this 20oz. beauty sports the vibrant Huy Fong Sriracha red on the outside, with the tangy green on the inside & handle. An everyday Sriracha smile for their steamy cup of morning Joe! 

Sriracha Red Green Coffee Mug

2. Sriracha Apron - $14.99

Yes, nuthin’ says holiday luvin’ like something from the oven! And this tasty Red & Green trimmed apron not only sports the spicy Sriracha classic colors, it’s fully functional and machine washable as well! Treat your culinary King or Queen to a little Sriracha spice in the kitchen. 

Sriracha Apron

3. Sriracha Shot Glasses - $10

We all know the holidays absolutely do include all kinds of parties, and the best kinds of parties include…shots! Kick the party vibe up a notch with some spicy Sriracha color and flava, using these unique shot glasses splashed with the Huy Fong happiness. 

Sriracha shot glasses

4. Huy Fong Sriracha Condiment Packets - $10

These handy dandy little stealth spice bombs might not seem like much in your pocket, but they pack a punch and are easy—and sooo tasty--to use wherever and whenever your Giftee chooses to deploy them! A great gift they’ll be thanking you for, for months to come.

Sriracha Packets

    5. Sriracha2Go Keychain Combo Pack - $11

    An all time classic. This is a must have for any Sriracha lover who really appreciates having his/her spicy, savory goodness on hand at all times. Slip it in your pocket or clip it on your bag, this is an always eye-catching and ready-to-use Secret Santa Go-To

    Sriracha2Go Sriracha Keychain

    6. Sriracha PopSocket - $15

    Popsockets, so hot right now. Popsockets. 

    Sriracha PopSocket

    7. Sriracha Beef Jerky - $7

    A sweet bargain basement gifting option that will satisfy any friend who plans to either-- Drink Beer or b. Watch Football—over the long holidays. Salty, spicy sriracha goodness that absolutely will be devoured before the New Year arrives! 

    Sriracha Beef Jerky

    8. Sriracha Pint Glass Set - $12

    For kids of all ages, these funky fun sriracha glasses will quickly become the drink container of choice for anyone who likes to have a little color with their beverages. While the Huy Fong Rooster strutts his stuff on the side! 

    Sriracha Glasses

    9. Sriracha USB Drive - $10

    Sriracha USB Drive And then there’s the other direction… This cute as heck USB drive (2GB or 8GB sizes available) disguised as a bottle of the spicy stuff will be a scene-stealer at their next party when it comes time to upload some pics or tunes, or at the office when it’s time to download the Top Secrets. It’s a good thing, in a very small package!


    Sriracha USB Drive

    10. Sriracha For You Bundle - $16.50

    If the Sriracha2Go keychains aren't enough, that stocking has a bit of extra room to toss in a bottle of Sriracha as well for good measure.

    Sriracha For You


    OK, ladies and gentlemen…start your Holiday shopping engines!

    About Sriracha2Go

    Sriracha2Go, a Mark Cuban Company and Huy Fong Foods licensed partner is the one stop shop for Sriracha lovers worldwide. Committed to helping Sriracha-lovers live their spiciest life, the company launched with the first-ever portable Sriracha keychain and has since expanded the assortment to offer a robust offering of Sriracha food products, the entire line of Huy Fong Foods sauces in packets, clothing and accessories. Learn more at www.sriracha2go.com and on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.

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