Perfect Gift For Any Sriracha Lover - Red And Green Sriracha Apron

Splash Some Colorful Fun All Over your Favorite Home Cook

Splash Some Colorful Fun All Over your Favorite Home Cook

Looking for a fun, frugal and super-functional addition to your spicysexycool kitchen?  

Well get ready for a major kitchen wardrobe upgrade whenever you tie on your funky new Sriracha Apron! 

Yes, scientific studies* have proven that even the simple donning of a hot, saucy Sriracha apron--that’s bursting with the unmistakably colorful Flava of your fave spicy sauce--will absolutely and significantly improve:

  • The depth of flavor in all your best dishes
  • The overall quality of your cooking commitment
  • The appearance and duration of every big grin from every single chef sporting the Huy Fong Sriracha colors

Sriracha Bib Apron

And if you work anything like us when you start making your magic happen in the kitchen, a fully functional apron is not only a fun fashion choice, it’s an absolute necessity!

Yes, we love to get cooking in the kitchen and we love to get down on our best home recipes but let’s just say…ummm…whenever we get busy we tend to let our freak flag fly along with most, if not all, of our favorite ingredients. The kitchen is one big playground to us, and we’re just big kids divin’ into our messiness!

So how much do we love our new stain stopping Sriracha apron? Let us count the ways…

  1. The Colors: What can we say? Huy Fong's iconic red & green just makes us happy and always motivates us to dig in and make the deliciousness happen! A big, bold, bright red apron with sharp green trim…what’s not to like?
  2. The Cool Front Pouch: No more mislaid ladles, runaway chopsticks, disappearing spoons, or gone missing garlic presses. Just pop ‘em in the deep (12”x8”), handy-dandy pouch and you’re ready to roll uninterrupted. And yes, it’s plenty big enough to holster your best load of Sriracha for the quick draw!
  3. The Coverage: Yes, One Size does Fit All and, we must add, just about covers all as well. And we ought to know ‘cuz we get crazy when we’re cookin’! Now we’re not suggesting that your finest haute couture or your cheapest rent-a-tux is completely safe behind your new apron, but we’re not intentionally wearing grimy sweats or our grungiest T-shirts to start dinner anymore either.
  4. The Cleaning Bill: Finally finished cooking and now coated with just about every ingredient you touched while creating your masterpiece? Your complete cleanup now consists of exactly 2 steps:
    • Untie your apron
    • Toss it into the machine
You’re done. Yep, your brand new Sriracha apron is 100% machine washable and absolutely will keep coming back for more! (now where did we put that beer…)

The kitchen is our playground, our party zone, and our magic kingdom all rolled into one and when we get ready for our foodie parties nothing makes us feel more prepared to make friends and family happy like our funky fresh Sriracha apron.       

So now, not only do we cook like a chef…we look like a chef too.

Keep it spicy!

   *and by “scientific studies”, we mean our own entirely party-related research based solely on the number of satisfied grins we’ve created with our spicy Sriracha infused goodness.

Farbod Deylamian
By William Bernal

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