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New Product Alert: 20 ounce Sriracha Coffee Mug

New Product Alert: 20 ounce Sriracha Coffee Mug

Nowadays, who only drinks an 8 or 12 ounce cup of coffee?!?!

The perfect gift for any Sriracha lover, our huge 20 ounce Sriracha Coffee Mug is guaranteed to spice up your mornings. And don't just limit yourself to filling this bad-boy up with coffee. Toss in some oatmeal, cereal, soup, chili, veggies, rice, ramen, pizza, hot dogs, etc. Multi-purpose like you read about!

Sriracha Coffee Mug

Grab your XL 20oz Sriracha Mug here. Amazon addicts, get yours here on Amazon Prime.


Product details:

  • Huy Fong Foods Approved
  • Volume: 20 Ounces
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Red and Green

About Sriracha2Go

Sriracha2Go, a Mark Cuban Company and Huy Fong Foods licensed partner is the one stop shop for Sriracha lovers world wide. Committed to helping Sriracha-lovers live their spiciest life, the company launched with the first-ever portable Sriracha keychain and has since expanded the assortment to offer a robust offering of Sriracha food products, the entire line of Huy Fong Foods sauces in packets, clothing and accessories. Learn more at and on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.

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