Sriracha & Eggs, They’re Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!

Sriracha & Eggs, They’re Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!

Sriracha & Eggs, They’re Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!

If your mornings are anything like ours—and we hope for your sake they’re not—then you’re already aware of the absolute All-American necessity for eggs on your breakfast plate in order to fuel up your engines and prepare for launch. Yes, we’re talking about that most glorious superfood, which absolutely demands that you have ‘em exactly…anyway you want ‘em!                                                                                               

Scrambled, Sunnyside-up, over-easy, poached, hard-boiled, baked like a cloud (try it sometime), or transformed into an omelet stuffed with just about anything, a frittata slow-fried to fluffy perfection, or mashed together with some heart stopping chorizo that fills your tummy and soothes your late night soul, the only thing needed to top off your breakfast bonanza is…you guessed it- Sriracha!

Yep, we both know the only suitable condiment required to achieve your eggy BF nirvana is the spicy hot red deliciousness of sriracha splashed liberally all over everything sitting on that plate. And don’t spare the sauce Brothers and Sisters…  Because breakfast just wouldn’t be breakfast without those yummy, fortifying contributions from the poultry family topped off with the sriracha burn for which your morning belly yearns.

But today we want to introduce you to the radical concept of the perfect union of eggs and sriracha…for your next dinner party!                                                                                                                                      

And we do mean party, as in adults sharing an elegant repast followed by those same adults engaging in mostly legal, over 18 activities which lead directly to both lotsa fun, and usually a great deal of incriminating photographic evidence (damn you, ubiquitous handheld technology).

We’re talking about Me-So-Deviled Eggs.                                                                 

We know when you think “deviled eggs”, you may be thinking of your parent’s laziest concoction for sleepy get togethers with boring relatives, but just try this recipe one time and you will be appreciated for your gastronomic expertise--then promptly invited back for more--so don’t forget to bring the sriracha. 

These ain’t your parents deviled eggs baby.

And never fear, cooking Newbies, if you can boil water then this recipe is a lead pipe cinch. So throw on your Sriracha Apron and get ready to rock.


1. Approximately 1 liter/4 cups/1 qt. of Miso paste (which you can purchase in any specialty food shop)   

2. 6 eggs (or an even dozen and double the above)       

3. Sriracha Sriracha Sriracha

That’s right and that’s it. Now…

  1. Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil and then gently place your eggs in
  2. Boil for precisely 8 minutes
  3. Remove eggs and slip into ice water for 2 minutes
  4. Peel and rinse eggs
  5. Completely and carefully wrap your semi-soft/hard boiled eggs in a thin layer of miso paste (roll like a meatball until just a bit larger than the egg itself)
  6. Leave for at least 4 hours in your refrigerator (or even better- overnight)
  7. Remove miso paste and gently wipe eggs smooth (and don’t forget to reuse your AOK reusable miso)
  8. Slice in half and then splash with sriracha immediately prior to your chowdown
  9. Enjoy the incredible salty/savory/spicy goodness with your new best friends
  10. PARTY!

Trust us on this one, you have never had a deviled egg treat with the depth of salty, savory, spicy kick that’s about to curl the toes of anyone who digs in like these so-easy-to-prepare-for-the-party flavor bombs! The profound flavor enhancing effect of the miso immersion/infusion cannot be described with mere words.                                                                                                                          

Suffice to say- Blissed out smiles will spread like party wildfire and many more drinks will be drunk.

So, remember to save some of that Sriracha for breakfast (which you’ll probably be having sometime in the late afternoon…but probably not alone)!




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March 30, 2019

were can i buy the sriracha apron

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