Sriracha’s Sweeter Side: 5 Sriracha Infused Treats You Need to Try

Sriracha’s Sweeter Side: 5 Sriracha Infused Treats You Need to Try

Sriracha’s Sweeter Side: 5 Sriracha Infused Treats You Need to Try

Sriracha has long been the go-to condiment for spicing up your savory dishes. A squirt on your hot dog, a dash on your eggs, a flood over your pizza slice. But you may not know that Sriracha has a secret, sweeter side. It’s no longer relegated to merely to dinner plates; it's a sauce making waves through the dessert section.

And while you may be envisioning a side of the famous rooster sauce coming with your next ice cream sundae, you may not have realized it’s now apart of the ice cream itself. Sriracha lends itself well to many sweeter dishes, as its profile is both sweet, salty, and spicy. Just like the experience of a dark chocolate salted cookie, a sweet treat with a hint of savory is what Sriracha-infused desserts and candies are all about.

Here are a few of the Sriracha fans are lit up about across the internet:

Sriracha Lollipops

Keep the kids out of your candy stash with a pack of fiery red Sriracha flavored lollipops. One lick and your kids will hand over the entire box never to bother you again. Pop the rest in your pocket to enjoy a tasty Sriracha lollipop while on the go, while at work, or as a spicy mid-afternoon pick me up. The company initially selling these bad-boy lollies has seemingly stopped producing them, but don’t worry - you can easily make your own.

Sriracha Chocolate Bars

Building off the hot chocolate traditions of the Mayan people of Mexico, Sriracha-infused chocolate bars are a taste to behold. Out of all the sweet treats on our top five list, this is by far the most reasonable. Chocolate pairs perfectly well with a bit of heat, and what better heat can you rely on than a dash of rooster?

Sriracha Candy Canes

What says Christmas like a dash of Sriracha on your holiday favorites? And no, we aren’t talking about the turkey, although the roast does get a bit more interesting with a side of red. We are talking about the candy canes Santa Claus so thoughtfully leaves on the Christmas tree. Sriracha Candy Canes are a perfect addition to the Christmas tradition, a bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice, to put smiles on the faces of all.

Sriracha Ice Cream

Sriracha flavored ice cream is likely not the first flavor that comes to mind when whipping up your own ice cream at home, but this homemade Sriracha ice cream concoction shouldn’t be dismissed. 

Chocolate Chili Dipped Sriracha Peanut Butter Cookies

Grab a tall glass of milk in one hand, and bake up a storm. Once you're done baking up these Chocolate chili dipped Sriracha peanut butter cookies, you’ll soon have a perfect day ahead of you. A batch of these spunky cookies is a crowd pleaser no matter the occasion, a housewarming, potluck, an office party; there is really no limit to their delicious super-powers.

You now have the knowledge to bring Sriracha from the dinner table to the dessert plate. No longer will Huy Fong's goodness be restricted to spicing up your burgers and your fries, but Sriracha now has the power to brighten up the sweet side of your life as well.

Go out, and get spicy on with your second helping of dessert!

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