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Sriracha Shots Anyone?

Sriracha Shots Anyone?

We don’t know about you, but there are many, many occasions in which the brandishing of our favorite hot sauce of choice is very gratefully accompanied with the downing of the favorite adult beverage of our choice as well (we like ours icy cold).

Yep, when we start splashing the Sriracha on our party tacos, our Game night pizza, our backyard burgers, our beer battered fries, our ooey-gooey nachos, our BBQed chicken wings or our fresh Bluepoint oysters (well hell, just about anything we can munch down on really)…the refreshing taste of an ice cold beer is never far from arm’s reach.

And yes, one thing does tend to lead to another.

So once we’ve filled our bellies and the chilled brews are popped—with our smiles getting bigger all the time—we do tend to almost immediately look towards our favorite bottle of…adult spirits, to give the party that real blast of rocket fuel which they so often require to achieve proper, maximum liftoff.

In other words- SHOTS!

And what’s cooler than lining up those rows of party soldiers with a dash of hot yet traditional Sriracha colors to give that booze the perfectly proper container and supercool delivery system? Take a look.

Sriracha Shot Glasses

Yea son, we got the flaming red exterior, the supercool green interior, and the cocky Sriracha Rooster struttin’ right across the funky Huy Fong logo, just waiting for all your party mates to match his macho with your own brand of bad-ass. And that includes the Ladies too…we know you’re feelin’ rowdy and Sriracha-style spicy as well so don’t be afraid to let loose a little and indulge your Inner-Wildcat!

Yes, this superfresh, all new Sriracha shot glass is one product that is (thank the Party Gods) STRICTLY FOR ADULTS ONLY!

We are indeed talking about a prime-time party product for your ready-for-prime-time-Players Only. Sure, we suppose the Kids could use this funky fun shot glass for dipping sauce for their fries or dunking sauce for their chicken nuggets while they watch the Disney channel, but…c’mon…can’t we have anything just for ourselves?

So let’s treat ourselves instead of cheat ourselves, strap on our Big Boy party pants and utilize this fresh, vibrant shot of fun just as nature intended, and slam those shots!

Currently sold in convenient 2-Packs  (‘cuz what’s sadder than a solitary shot?), we do recommend purchasing as many pairs as your next party can responsibly handle but, of course you could just hang with the two, and then keep rewashing/rinsing them every 5 minutes. We ourselves can’t really imagine a bigger party killer than having to rinse out shot glasses after every round but, then again, who says you have to rinse them before reuse? (Wait, strike that ‘cuz…ewww…we’re men, not Cavemen!)

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, your spanky new Sriracha shot glasses will be a nifty cool addition to any adult mix, and will always look great lined up and ready to knock down.

Oh, Sriracha, we love you just a little more every day.

Now did somebody say SHOTS?


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