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The Insta Egg Phenomenon

The Insta Egg Phenomenon

Can 8 Million Followers Actually Be Wrong?

Yes, that corniest of all philosophical conundrums now bears repeating (with slight adjustments)

Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

Of course, our current state of inexplicably instant and absolutely random zeitgeist explosions of viral mania forces us to recalibrate the question to something more like- Which came in Insta-first, Kylie Jenner…or the Egg?

To almost every sentient being on the planet earth—and all of the male ones—the answer must be confounding to say the least.

Because our modern Insta-answer to this one is, resoundingly…the Egg!

That’s right.

Currently clocking in with over 49 MILLION LIKES (and counting) the Egg Gang’s superstar oval chicken oven has decisively smashed K-Jenn’s previous Instagram Like record (which we must say was a pretty damn cute photo showing Kylie's newborn daughter holding her mother’s thumb), of a paltry by comparison 18 Mil.

Now don’t get us wrong. We like eggs.

Hell, sometimes when they’re fried up just right, we LOVE eggs!

They’re fresh, they’re delicious, they’re nutritious, they’re the most versatile of superfoods, they’re just plain fun to crack open, when hurled properly they’re the perfect Halloween trick reply, and they’re…well…they’re egg shaped.

But when our handheld fixations begin gravitating towards the outright worship of poultry products—by the tens of millions of us—then we have to begin to question our collective cultural direction. Look, we’re not here to rain on anyone’s eggy parade, throw a wet blanket over anyone’s frolicking foodie fun, or ruin anyone’s idea of a great online gag by explaining the joke to your parents.

Nor do we want to wrestle our cultural consciousness into more “serious” areas of discourse in any futile attempts to stem any emerging cultural tidal waves of viral hijinks.

The zeitgeist is defined as, “a defining mood or spirit of a particular period in history…”, and we def don’t want to be the ones to crush anyone’s mood or spirit. But if our cultural history is on its way to begin defined by “throwing our eggs up”, then we just have to call it like we see it.


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