Sriracha Holiday Hotness For Him Or Her That Won’t Break Your Budget

Sriracha Holiday Hotness For Him Or Her That Won’t Break Your Budget

Sriracha Holiday Hotness For Him Or Her That Won’t Break Your Budget

We know we’ve already compiled our Top 10 Holiday Gifts list to share some of the best spicy seasonal treats that we love, but let’s face it…You know that slaying your daunting X-mas shopping list is going to require at least one serious reload. So, in keeping with the spending spirit of holiday madness, we’ve searched far and wide for even more Sriracha Holiday Hotness for you to share with friends and loved ones.

Yes, the good folks at Huy Fong just keep cranking out the Sriracha Flava, and we always want our Sriracha rooster to be crowing on X-mas morning!

So if you’re stuck for clues as to that next round of stocking stuffers, gift bags and holiday party packages, check out this list of Sriracha holiday hotness for some inspiration.

Sriracha Lover's Package - $35                                                

This one is to appease the beasts in your life (man, woman or child), and it is LOADED! This bundle of joy has a bit of everything. A 50-pack of Sriracha packets, an XXL Sriracha Coffee Mug, two Sriracha2Go Keychains, and a bottle of Huy Fong Sriracha to fill those keychains up. I mean, what else do you really need?

The 136 Oz. Monster Sriracha  - $25            

Who needs an 8.5 lbs. monster bottle of Classic Sriracha? Well, everyone we know. Yep, in the Land of Bigger is Better, this mammoth, we-don’t-really-know-how-many-months supply bottle of Sriracha is the beast they’ve been dreaming of in their wildest Sriracha-fueled fantasies of a bottomless bottle of the good and spicy stuff.

And just because, sometimes…size matters.

Sriracha Pajama Pants  - $15                                                         

It’s a long holiday break and, if we’re lucky, a great deal of that time will be spent gratefully couch potatoing our way into the New Year. So why not allow that special someone to do it in funky red Sriracha sweats that blast the color and feature the iconic Huy Fong Rooster! 

Sriracha Hot Socks - $10

Is Dad getting tired of the same old, same old when it comes to his big-foot covers? Well, he’ll be sure to love it when he’s got a Sriracha Red Rooster keeping his tootsies warm (and it’ll add a welcome splash of color to his otherwise drab wardrobe as well). His only problem will be keeping them to himself, ‘cuz Ladies love Hot Socks!

Huy Fong Sampler Set - $10

A great coverall gift for the neighbors, and one that they will drain as they enjoy both the traditional Sriracha Sauce, along with a more exotically tasty set of Sriracha samples (like Chili Garlic & Sambal Oelek). 

The Sriracha Cookbook - $17

You know and I know that there’s a dedicated cookbook lover in your life who always has room for one (or 2) more in their kitchen library. And you can guarantee that they haven’t seen this 2-Volume Set yet! And yes, in case you weren’t wondering, veggie lovers (sooo sad) do actually deserve their own Sriracha recipes too.

All for now, so get ready to quick draw that cc plastic that’s burning a hole in your holiday holster, before Santa gets the drop on you partna!

About Sriracha2Go

Sriracha2Go, a Mark Cuban Company and Huy Fong Foods licensed partner is the one stop shop for Sriracha lovers worldwide. Committed to helping Sriracha-lovers live their spiciest life, the company launched with the first-ever portable Sriracha keychain and has since expanded the assortment to offer a robust offering of Sriracha food products, the entire line of Huy Fong Foods sauces in packets, clothing and accessories. Learn more at and on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.

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